Lilo is the new way to sell your kids clothing, shoes, accessories, books, puzzles and toys!

Lilo is a hyrbid between a e-commerce website and your usual buy-sell platform.

Sign up and once approved start selling straight away, with the added benefit of being on a marketplace alongside other sellers and thrift stores. Premium sellers will have access to their own store front (mini website) which is fully customizable and casual sellers have their own collections that can be shopped by customers site-wide.

Thinking of becoming a premium seller? Want to have your own website without the scary stuff of building it, maintaining it and paying over the odds for it? That's where being a Lilo Premium Seller comes in.

We welcome all types of sellers, from those who are wanting to to sell their kids outgrown clothes to make some extra money to experienced resellers and small businesses who are providing a second hand service.

What makes Lilo different?

We have a 'one cart' feature meaning you can purchase from multiple sellers and check out ONCE! No split carts, no multiple transactions. *Shipping is charged per seller.

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Feel free to reach out if you have any questions